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Have your furniture reshaped and improved by the professionals at Ye Olde Strippery. We're able to strip any piece of furniture that comes in, improving the look of the piece while still maintaining its structural strength.

Furniture stripping

Varied methods

  • Safe for delicate veneers and antiques

  • Piece will stay strong

  • Flow-over hand stripping

  • 5 different stripping methods

  • Stripping for any piece of furniture that comes in

Not every type of stripping is suitable for every piece of furniture. In order to keep your antiques and family heirlooms in excellent condition, our staff will apply one of 5 types of stripping, depending on the material of the furniture you provide us with.


If you have questions about our stripping methods, get in touch with our staff. We're happy to work with you to get your furniture back in great condition.

Safe furniture stripping

Make your old pieces look brand new! We have over 38 years of experience.

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