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When your old mirrors are losing their reflectiveness, it may be time to resilver. Ye Olde Strippery will make sure your antique mirror is shiny and perfect when we're done.

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Comprehensive woodwork finishing

When it comes down to it, your mirror is made up of several elements: A piece of glass, silver backing, and paint. The actual silver part is a thin layer of elemental silver, which is what causes your mirror to reflect properly! When this wears down, your mirror won't reflect as well as it used to.


The chemical reaction between the surface of the glass and the layer of silver is what makes mirrors work correctly.

You can come to us with any furniture repairs, from reupholstery to refinishing. We're able to properly strip down any piece of furniture, so don't hesitate to call about your prized family heirlooms! Our family operated business will make sure your items are treated with care and are returned to you in top condition.


We go to place for all these services for years not only in the Cedar Falls but as far as out of state.. Contact us today to get started on your furniture project!

Restoration of old mirrors

We're a family owned and operated business.

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